Monday, December 12, 2005

More Tim's People..

Back out to Tim Hortons on saturday.. Didn't draw very long at all.. It wasn't happening.. Everything I touched seemed to turn horribly wrong.. These sketches are pretty much all there was to show from that day.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Mr. Waits

I found this drawing of Tom Waits when I was cleaning out my animation desk the other day... He qualifies as an animal.. Right??!. I love Waits' music.. I owe a big debt of thanks to my director Campbell MacKinlay and my friend Ian Gallant for introducing me to his music.. Tom's music has made many unbearably slow work days seem to fly by.. Sorry for the crappy scan.. It was a very light colerase sketch. I have no excuses for the lack of likeness though..

More render doodle animal things....

Here's a couple more animal related doodles I did while waiting for flash to render a big file.. Still don't know what to do with the ears. ... These were pretty small too.. i scanned them in at 200%.. just to magnify the mistakes!!

Animal Me..

Here's a couple of "waiting for render" doodles I did. I have a hard time drawing myself as an animal.. Finding an animal that a beard and mustache don't look strange on is hard.. and I never know what to do whith the ears.. Maybe I'm more suited to a weasel.. hmmm.. or a monkey...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some Doodles..

Here are some random doodles I did.. Top guy was just to try out some sweet new pencils that Behzad gave me.. I like them.. drawing could be better.. but the pencils are nice..The bottom one is me.. It was done awhile ago to show someone how I expect my hair to fall out.. I kept it stuck to the side of my computer monitor for a while to remind myself of the future to come..


These are based on my friend Geremy.. for awhile his msn name was GerBear.. So I did these sketches of what a GerBear might look like.. I like the poorly drawn hands myself...

Some Kinda Animal..??

Still playing with animals with Kyle and Nathan.. wow.. that sounded dirtier than intended.. ahem.. anyway.. I'm not too sure what he is. some kinda lion i guess.. And I'm not sure what he's doing either.. squishing a smaller lion perhaps.. Just something rough and quick to stay in the drawing a day game.. I shoulda posted this yesterday..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Well.. I was insipred by John Nevarez's aligator sketches.. But as I was doing these.. It became pretty clear how little I know about alligators.. But it was still kinda fun.. The one with the hat at the bottom is for my friend sebastien.. He had an instructor that would say if a design isn't working.. add a hat.. so i added a hat.. and wow.... what a difference...... ;) the hat really brings it too life..(rolls eyes).. On a side note... My daughter took her first steps last night.. It was pretty amazing.. I'd try to draw the moment.. but I don't think I could capture it... way to go Chloe!!

very pathetic..

yep.. pathetic indeed.. here are the only drawings I did for monday.. For the animal jam Kyle and I are doing.. I didn't even take the time to use referance.. which is painfully obvious.. I couldn't tell you what these are supposed to be either.... but they do have 4 legs.... oh well.. Now Kyle can give me a hard time about how they suck..

Saturday At Tim's... 2

Well.. Here's some sketches from saturday with Kyle and Behzad.. I only got to stay for about an hour.. but it was still pretty fun.. There's lots of interesting tim's regulars.. very.. very interesting..

Friday, December 02, 2005

And now for some non Animals...

I usually tend not to post finnished work on this blog.. Usually because I don't take the time to finish anything ;). But yesterday I was given some crappy looking designs from a client and told to redesign them for an animation we were going to do. It was the first time I got to do design work for the studio so I had some fun with it.. Sent the new designs off and went to lunch.. When I got back from lunch... I was told that what the client had originally sent were the designs they wanted animated.. YAY for wasted time!! So as they are just sitting on my hard drive collecting digital dust, I thought I'd post them. They're pretty much just rip-offs of Bruce Timm's angular hero style.


This is the only drawing I did last night.. But that's the case with most of my posts. time is short when you're sleepy and have a 9 month old daughter who wants to play.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Polar Bears..

Was inspired by Kyle's bear drawings.. Unfortunately I didn't spend too much time with these.. With the top one I actually started it and then walked away from my referance and finnished it in the livingroom. So I could keep and eye on my daughter... And it painfully shows. Specially in the nice crappy cheek bone lines... I have no excuses for the second one..