Thursday, February 24, 2011

So.. Where the hell have I been?

Well. Lets just say I got a few "Bad Habits" this past year. My last post was  April 1st 2010. Right about that time I joined a band. We're called "Bad Habits". Our first practice together as a group was April 12th 2010. And things have been crazy since then. 

My initial thoughts were that maybe by November or December we'd be playing a gig here or there. By late July we were in a studio practicing hard for our first gig coming on Aug 5th. We got to set up in the studio and record our full show through the same mixing board that Radiohead recorded Creep on. How surreal is that. All before we had even played out first live show. 

Well, we hit that first gig running and haven't really looked back. By the time the end of December rolled around we had played more gigs than we ever thought we would and played an original song live on CBC radio. On top of that, we were set to go into record a demo on Jan 2nd. Now the recordings we made live off the floor that day are fully mixed and off to the local radio stations. Original songs on the radio before we hit our first birthday is beyond anything I could have hoped for with this band. It's all a bit surreal. We're gearing up to record a full album sometime this year. So far that's going really well. Fingers are crossed on that.

On top of that I've still been animating. I've done some freelance jobs here and there, but the band has eaten up all of my free time. So no blog for me :). 

I've embedded our demo recordings in a player on the sidebar below. Check them out. 

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