Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busy few months...

Things have bee busy around the Condon household as of late. With a daughter in grade one french immersion, a wife with a job that demands lots of after hours work, Christmas right around the corner, and myself currently juggling two animation contracts and a band... Free time to sketch is at an all time premium. It seems everything I've drawn for the past few months has been for something specific. Not for myself. Which is great , but you don't usually get to do any free form drawing with commissioned work. :) This piece is from an un-used poster design for my band. I had the idea of doing it up like an Art Nouveau print. It never got finished. For various reasons... This was as far as it got.  I might re-visit the concept again for another poster.

Speaking of Band posters... My wife and I were just nominated for Visual Artists of the Year for the 2012 Music PEI awards. It's a great honour that belongs mostly to my wife. She does the heavy lifting. I'm just here to bounce ideas off of and to contribute the odd illustration. It's great to see her get some recognition for the time and effort she puts into making us look so good. My band , Bad Habits, also got nominated for two awards. Weekend Warrior, and Entertainer of the Year. Needless to say we were pretty excited. We were told that it's unheard of for a band to get nominated for Entertainer of the Year without an album. We didn't expect it for sure. But we're thrilled none the less. The Weekend Warrior award is for the hard working bands that try hard to get their music out to people at the bars and clubs week in and week out. We've definitely done that.:). And.. It's a public vote open to everyone. So feel free to drop by the link below and throw a vote our way. You can also stop by to check out the band in more detail.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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