Friday, June 23, 2006

Sketchbook pages...

Here's a couple of pages I drew while waiting for a ride the other evening.. Just playing around with head shapes again. Nothing big.. Off to Halifax this weekend.. should be fun.. Hoping to see some of my old animation buds.. Well.. have a good weekend all!!.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Adrian Wapcaplet

Sooo.. Nathan and I are venturing into our first animation jam.. or kinda.. we've got a piece of audio with 2 characters and we're each going to take a character and animate it without the other knowing what we're doing.. It'll be interesting. So I did some sketching last night of the character I'll be doing.. He's called Adrian Wapcaplet.. The audio's from a monty pyhton short. So think Jhn Cleese as a really over eager ad agency guy.. I usually start with the face.. That's where i usually find the character.. I initially sketched the second from the top page.. and I liked the 2 in the lower right hand corner.. And then I decided to play with shapes more. Go a bit less "Cleese" with them. I like the middle guy from the top page And there's something about a couple of them on the second page from the bottom too.. Still not 100% which one (if any of these) is the guy.. Any thoguhts?? Anything seem to fit Nathan?? You know the audio I'll be animating ;).. this should be fun =).

Monday, June 19, 2006


Bloggers beign quite fussy with me today. Sooo. Here's a short post of a couple of quckie drawings of myself.. one from last week.. and one this morning as i headed out the door to work.. Notice the dramatic hair difference.. And also my sexy santa clause -esque physique... bllarrgg.. They also highlight my lack of drawing skills and my perma-scowl..which is actually my neutral expression.......

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cats, People, and New Blog.. Oh my!!

Hey.. here's some bad drawings of my cats. I made the mistake of using a grey tone marker to fill in some areas.. and it just made it a dark mushy shape.. live and learn i guess.. and here's some more people at the local food court too.. they are all soo beautiful.. Some friends and I started a new blog where we hope to semi regularly post animation.. Check it out..
  • Monthly Animation Jam
  • Not much there yet. Just some old demo reel stuff.. hopefully we can get some more of our friends to join.. And eventually.. It'd be really cool if it turned into an actual animation jam where we'd keep picking up where the last person left off on a particular animation. But right now.. It's just something to force me to animate for me a bit more often.. Have a good weekend!!..

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    More Ch'Town Peoples...

    Here are some more sketches I did on a lunch outing with Nathan and Kyle.. Well.. Most of them are anyway.. some are just doodles.. And there's at least one where I drew the same guy twice.. and I'm in there somewhere too.. Got a new pen.. a Pentel sign pen.. kinda neat.. it seems to work well when you're confident and decisive with your lines.. Which I'm sooo not.. Mr. In-decisive here.. But maybe they'll force confidence upon me... ahh.. Hey.. This is also my 100th post.. Not much when you compare it to other blogs.. But I've been known to start things and never go abck to them.. So this is a small step in the right direction.. oh... and don't ask about the naked goatee & glasses guy... Cause I have no answers.. .

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006


    Wow.. it's been awhile since I've last posted.. Had the internet connection go down for about a week.. and then got preoccupied with other things. Oh well.. That happens.. Here's a conglomeration of doodles from the past week.. Some are people at the mall.. Some are just warm up sketches.. and one was drawn on a stickie note.. enjoy.