Friday, February 03, 2006

More Oldies...

Here's another old drawing i dug out of retirement.. It was done in '97 /'98 when I was In Visual Communications here at Holland College.. Now anyone that knows me knows I'm huge SRV fan.. He's my musical inspiration and opened my ears to the wonderful world of the blues... So when I got a class assignment way back when to design a cd package.. well.. I went with Stevie Ray. This is the illustration i did for the cover of the cd.. I actually did a photo shoot with my strat and a Stevie like hat for the inside cover.. It was a fun project.. and probably one of the few projects durning my time at holland college that actually turned out ok.. Looking back at it now.. there are many things I'd change.. it still works fine in the context of the cd design.. but as a stand alone peice.. it's kinda lacking.. Everytime I look at it I wish that I had just raised the entire image an inch or so to display more of the guitar. and I wish I would have left out the sweaty piece of hair stuck to the side of his face.... But that was me back then... I planned things out.. but sometimes my execution was off. And I tended to rely too much on referance.. hmm.. It'd actually be interesting to tackle the same project now to see how different my approach would be... Anyway.. it's still one of my wife's favorite drawings that I've done... And probably one of my best at capturing SRV's likness.. .


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