Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Smeagol..

Here are some sketches I did of my cat Smeagol.. I woke up to the sound of him throwing up this morning.. I think he ate something out of the trash and got sick. Poor guy.. Hope he's ok..These are kinda wonky.. and the ear attachment is pretty lame.. but they're all I got..

Beacoup de cats!

Still trying to figure out these big cats faces.. I really tend to humanize the porprtions with these and I struggle to get them to look like cats.. Especially in the nose and jaw area.. I lose the beauty that is there in my referance.. and i tend to deaden the expressions too.. Oh well.. The more I try the closer I'll come... Hopefully..

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quickie Sketch

Here's a doodle i just did in flash while waiting for a file to copy on the server. It actually saved the image twice as big as I drew it.. Just to magnify the bad line work;)..


Soo.. Kyle and i are gonna try and do some more focused drawing for our blog.. this week.. Animals.. So I give you.. Animals. It was something we both realized we were weak at.. I added another notch of difficulty to it by doing mine in brush pen and ink... Which I'm still really struggling with.. The bottom ones are drawings of one of my cats.. smeagol.. He's qutie the character. But really challenging to draw as he doesn't sit still... And my knowledge of cat anatomy isn't good enough to fake it.. as you can see..The bottom one is him cleanign our other cat.. his sister.. Precious.... yep... Smeagol and Precious.. But I only named one of them... Smeagol... my wife named the other.. so she's as much of a geek as I am..=). The tiger ones are just from a book of photos I have.. and man.. does that 3/4 tiger sketch bite.. oh well.. That's how I'll learn.. I hope... Well.. more animals tommorow..

Saturday at Tim's

Went to Tim's sketching with Behzad and Kyle this weekend.. It was fun... Except that Kyle wouldn't shut up... "Does this drawing look crappy? Do I smell funny? Why don't girls like me? Does this look infected?"... Geeesh.. Gimme a break ;).. It was nice to draw the regulars as they went about their coffe buisness.. I didn't get much more than profiles from my view.. And there was a big plant in my way too.. We'll see how this goes.. Most of the time when i go out sketching with people on a regular basis they bail on me after a week or soo... We'll see if Kyle and Behzad can put up with me that long.