Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Eggo Ad...

Here's an Eggo Waffle ad that I animated for Chuck Gammage a while back. I just found it on vimeo today.:) It was an interesting project. I animated the Eggo and his phone traditionally in flash with a video of the live action hand and props for reference. Then the phone and body were replaced ,or cleaned-up, with 3-D animation. I believe by the talented Seamus O'Keefe. I'm not 100% on that but I'm pretty sure he did it. I cleaned the limbs in flash and they were all composited together for the end result. It was an interesting mix of flash,3-D, and live action.

There were 2 other Eggo spots that I animated as well. One was a re-mix of this ad and another involved the Eggo with a paddle ball.. That was fun. Translating a traditionally animated paddle ball with lots of smears and blurs into 3-D. I don't envy the person who had to do that. :).


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