Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I did this little sketch in the corner of a page I was doodling on the other day. And I kinda like it. Not so much the drawing per say.. But the character. A real bruiser. A guy with one eye slight closed over and an obviously previously broken nose due to his love of fisticuffs. So I though I'd explore the character further. Not really this exact design. But the character. Here's what I came up with.

Just playing with the features and proportions.
At this point I thought he'd just be a giant of a man. Tall, tree trunk forearms, and a barrel of a torso.I figured he could be one of those guys that enjoys the intimidation process that leads up to the scuffling. I've meet guys like this when I used to go to the bars. I always tried to make sure they thought of me as a friend.:).
Here I tried to make him a bit more compact. Both in overall torso structure and facial proportions. I thought he'd have thick sturdy hands with really prominent knuckles. The kind of knuckles that are good at breaking things. Like noses... Or walls. Hands that looked like they could really rip a person apart.
He'd have to get angry eventually.
I guess this drawing is based of the one I did above. Only in reverse.:) I should have photoshopped them onto one page so they were beckoning to each other. That might have tarnished their tough guy persona's though. I mean, his tight shirt here does make him look more like a player than a tough guy.
And Hey! Here's a bonus weirdo drawing! You're reward for schlocking through my ramblings and bad drawings.


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At 5:08 PM, Blogger MashoLand said...

Wow, it's actually really good! I like it


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