Sunday, May 11, 2008

Self Portrait.

Here's my attempt at a self portrait. Mildly successful. I still can't seem to get anything out of these digital tools that I really want. Can't get them to hatch like your hatching with the side of a sharp, big lead pencil. This is a quasi - rip -off of a Drew Struzan self portrait that's at the beginning of his Oeuvre book. It's fantastic.. Like all of his work. So I thought I'd try one myself and even copied the pose a bit. I think I should have went with traditional media though. Maybe next time.


At 3:49 PM, Blogger Kyle Marshall said...

thanks for this, I now have my very own Condon for the bathroom! I miss my frequent corner of the eye daydreams over at your desk, and this will fill the void....for now.

Great work J, and i love the light reflection you added where the finger meets forehead, great touch and adds so much to the entire portrait.


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