Saturday, May 10, 2008

The man with the hat is back......

And I still can't draw him... Harrison's a tough guy to draw.. I've tried a couple of times before and failed. He's that handsome with flaws kinda guy. Like Liam Nesson. And the flaws are usually the parts that are hard to capture.. But they hold all the personality..

I can't help but get excited for this movie. I know alot of people are already bashing it, but to me the last few trailers have really sold that it's still an old serialized adventure show. And not a modern day action movie.. Which I'm quite happy about. And I trust Spielberg. Even at his worst his movies are pretty entertaining.. Let's just pretend that Always never happened ok? ;) And I don't hate Shia like most people. I don't love him.. But he doesn't automatically ruin a picture for me just by his presence. It looks like a great cast.
I only wish John Ryhs-Davies was back as Sallah. I love that guy. May 22 can't get here fast enough. Well.. For me at least..

Have a good weekend!!


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, man! Your portraits are excellent. It would be cool to see your process.

Did you ever think of coloring them? I've seen a technique before, called grisaille, where the painter starts with a tonal like yours, and then use thin washes to paint over the tonal.

Here is a random example:



At 1:56 PM, Blogger Jason C said...

Hey Kristel..

thanks.. Funny you should mention that technique. I was actually just thinking about doing it to this drawing. that's why I came back downstairs :).. If I get anything decent out of it I'll post it.. But I'm not holding my breath or anything :)

At 4:51 AM, Blogger Troy Little said...

Nice! I too cannot wait for the 22nd. Carol even bought me 2 boxes of mini wheats with the Indianna Jones Adventure spoons in 'em (bless her heart), so I'm ready to go!

btw, where the heck have you been lately? Where's the muffins of yesteryear?


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