Monday, December 17, 2007

My Grandfather..

It's Christmas time. So that usually means I'm doing drawings for someone if not everyone as presents. It's a combination of being poor and wanting to actually creat something for someone. OK.. Maybe it's more the poor thing. Anyway.. This Christmas I decided I would do one portrait that I could then give to all my aunt's and uncle's ,as well as my mother and grandmother, as their gift. I had been wanting to attempt a portrait of my deceased grandfather for quite some time now. But I could never work up the nerve to do it. I've sat down with the intent of doing it before.. But never actually did anything that could be mis-construed as starting.

I had "borrowed" a couple of photos from one of my grandmothers albums a few years ago. One of them was picture of my grandfather when he was in the navy. So I thought it would be neat to do a double portrait. One of the young man and one of the father & grandfather that everyone knew. The photos weren't the best. The navy one was pretty good but the other one I had was pretty blur-tastic. I think I was moderately successful. I gave them to the family last night at our family Christmas party. I got one "Who is it?" So maybe my success margins were actually a bit below moderate. Here's the finished product along with the photos I used as reference. This made me realize how easy it is to see details in high res digital photos. These photos forced me to invent more than copy. I guess I've been spoiled :).

On a total side note. When I first looked at the young photo of my grandfather I thought he looked like a young Tom Waits. Minus the wild hair of course. Nobody else saw it. So I probably just had Wait's on the brain.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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