Monday, July 13, 2009

Dump 2.5..???

Here's a couple more drawings I did recently. Nothing spectacular, but really all I have to show.

My Wife asked me to do a drawing of a robber and an angel for her last night.. I thought the quickest way to do it would be to go down the old flat UPA"ish" route. This is what happened.. And yes.. There be drugs in that there bag. Not money.

I was asked to do an illustration recently for local comedy troupe Sketch 22. It was supposed to go in front of a sketch they were doing about an alien going to a psychiatrist during their summer show. I went for the gross Jabba the Hut look, but I was told to keep the head human. Kinda adds to the strangeness of it all I think. :) The sketch ended up getting cut, and thus so did the illustration. I was actually kinda relieved because it didn't turn out that great. Lotsa cheaty cheatness in there.


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