Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jason Smash!!!

I did a little scribbley portrait doodle of Hulk this morning and threw some rushed color behind it. I then decided to go nuts and try and draw a full body Hulk. I was never very good at drawing the Hulk. I could never realy give him the awesome sense of sheer mass that he deserves. But I thought I'd give it a try. I managed to do a ruff drawing in flash without too many problems. Cleaning it up howerver... That's another story. Everytime I'd try and grab a small section of the artowrk to tweak it a bit and make it a bit tighter, large sections of the artwork would disapear or turn negative. That was really frustrating and really put me in a "Jason Smash!!" kinda mood. Don't know what flash was tripping out about but I just left the drawing in it's ruff state and added color.

I really have a love hate relationship with drawing in flash. Most of the time it feels like I'm drawing with a large melting crayon. This drawing was no exception. I've heard using a Cintiq goes a long way in making digi-drawing feel more organic. I'll have to give one a try someday. If only they weren't so damn expensive. :).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I started doing a little doodle today in flash and it turned into wolverine. I slopped some color behind it to make it seem like more than it is. Which is just an off the cuff doodle. Then I remembered that I had some drawings I did awhile ago of the old canuck. They were the only drawings of the character that've done that I thought turned out OK. And it was just me fiddling around to see how I'd handle drawing his mug if had to. So I dug those up as well, to fatten this post out a bit. They were only about an inch and a bit big in my sketchbook, so that's why they're a bit "shakey" looking. :) Not a very stupendous post, but I'm trying to see if I can post a bit more frequently to keep from getting rusty.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dump 2.5..???

Here's a couple more drawings I did recently. Nothing spectacular, but really all I have to show.

My Wife asked me to do a drawing of a robber and an angel for her last night.. I thought the quickest way to do it would be to go down the old flat UPA"ish" route. This is what happened.. And yes.. There be drugs in that there bag. Not money.

I was asked to do an illustration recently for local comedy troupe Sketch 22. It was supposed to go in front of a sketch they were doing about an alien going to a psychiatrist during their summer show. I went for the gross Jabba the Hut look, but I was told to keep the head human. Kinda adds to the strangeness of it all I think. :) The sketch ended up getting cut, and thus so did the illustration. I was actually kinda relieved because it didn't turn out that great. Lotsa cheaty cheatness in there.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sketch dump 2.0

Here are a few images I scanned recently. Not much to say about them. Just some random sketchbook doodles.