Friday, October 12, 2007

Memory Sketch..

Last night as I was upstairs looking after my girl I decided to try and re-draw my picture of Joe that I had drawn earlier that day from memory. I used a brush pen to do it. It was an interesting exercise. Naturally this is much more caricatured than my previous one. If I'm not working from reference I tend to be cartoony. You can see that I remembered some things pretty well.. While other aspects are much more generic. I could tell while I was drawing this that I spent more time studying the eye and nose for my previous drawing than anything else. Their details were still pretty clear in my head.. But things like the hair and such were not so clear. It was fun.. And I gave me a chance to play with my prismacolor markers. :).


Here's today's little sketch. It ended up taking me closer top an hour to finish. So I blew my 30 min rule right of the bat.. This sketch is of my Uncle Lloyd. He's a great guy. Last time I visited his place he was just putting the finishing touches on a 2 story work shed that he made out of found materials.. It was great. Would make a great location to film a horror movie.. hmmm... Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So.. I gave myself a little challenge today. Do a little drawing in 30 min. So I found myself a picture of my friend Joe and away I went. It's not entirely successful.. And It's not entirely a failure. I know what he looks like a bit too well so I can spot all the mini catastrophes in it. I'm ok with it for a quickie little 30 min sketch. I'm going to try and take the time to do something like this every day.. If they turn out I'll post 'em ;). Wish me luck!